Sun Trust Mortgage

Sun Trust Mortgage Introduction Sun Trust Mortgage is a division of Sun Trust Banks Inc., a major U.S. financial holdings company. With over 170 billion in assets, Sun Trust Bank offers a full range of banking and investment services, including mortgage lending and home equity loans. Based in Atlanta, Ga., SunTrust has a strong physical … Read more

Compare the best pet insurance quotes

The best pet insurance provider for your pet will depend on several factors, including the type and breed of pet you have, their age, and which elements of the policy you consider the most important. Some pet insurers only cover cats and dogs, while others cover horses and rabbits, too. If you have a reptile, … Read more

What is A Second Mortgage & How Does It Work?

Appreciation on homes is expected to have increased by around 10% in 2022, according to, with another expected increase around 5.5% in 2023. For people who already own their home, that increase in value means an increase in equity. A second mortgage is one you take out against the equity in your home. Your … Read more

New Jersey Car Accident Lawyers

Car Accident Lawyers in New Jersey Automobiles, trucks, motorcycles, and buses are involved in accidents every day in New Jersey. While statistics show that safe driving campaigns plus companies manufacturing safer cars are working to reduce the number of car accident victims, thousands still occur nationwide. Of the more than 32,000 fatal motor vehicle accidents … Read more

10 Best Lawyers in Singapore [Free Consultation]

Here are the 10 best lawyers in Singapore, based on our research and humble opinion. Keep in mind that they’re not ranked in any order. 1. Jonathan Wong Company: Tembusu Law LLC Contact number: +65 8886 0278 Jonathan is the founder of Tembusu Law and LawGuide Singapore. He created Singapore’s first legal chatbot in 2017. … Read more

Does Texas Have a Good Samaritan Law?

Texas has a Good Samaritan law that encourages people to try to help out if they come upon an emergency situation such as a car crash. The law says that anyone who provides emergency aid in good faith will not be liable for civil damages if their actions make things worse. Good Samaritan laws exist … Read more

Cheapest Car Insurance With No Down Payment

Usage-Based Insurance Discount Your provider may lower your monthly premium if you opt into a telematics insurance program. Also known as usage-based insurance, these programs use plug-in devices or providers’ mobile apps to track your driving habits while you’re behind the wheel. Many programs track your speed, how hard you brake, how long you drive … Read more

Nationwide home insurance review 2023

About Nationwide home insurance Founded as a mutual auto insurance carrier, Nationwide sold its first policy in 1926 and has offered property insurance since 1934. This Fortune 100 company is one of the country’s largest home insurers. Nationwide also offers a wide variety of insurance and financial products, from farm insurance to fixed indexed annuities. … Read more

LendingTree Review | Mortgage Lenders

LendingTree is what is commonly known as an online loan marketplace. Although it does not directly offer loans, LendingTree’s network of over 1,500 partnered lenders is a good tool for comparing multiple quotes. Anyone looking for the best mortgage lenders — from first-time homebuyers to those considering refinancing options and even military veterans — can … Read more